Inter Curriculum Activities

Other Activities

  • Broom Activity
  • Chowmein Party
  • Ice Cream Party
  • Splash Pod Day
  • Candy Floss Day
  • Etc.

Health Day

Check Up

  • Eye Test
  • Weight, Height
  • Dental Checkup
  • Malnutrition Deficiency


  • Writing Competition
  • Art and Colouring Competition
  • Story Telling Competition
  • Poem Recitation Competition
  • Phonetic Competition
  • Painting Competition


Children will learn

  • Table manners
  • Brushing activity
  • Read Aloud Session
  • Art Activities
  • Song Dramatization
  • Holy Places
  • Natural things and objects
  • Sports Activities
  • Project Work
  • Vegetable and Fruit Recognition

Festive Celebrations

Celebration of festivals to make tiny tots aware of festivals and their reasons to be celebrated and celebrate occasions by singing and dancing. Bhajans and devotional songs adding to the festivity.

Children’s Orientation Programme

To make the children happy and comfortable in their new environment this programme will be organized at school. This will help little babies with utmost love and care. There would be lot of attractions for children and rhymes for children as a treat to watch. All the mothers will have to enthusiastically participate in the activities which makes children more comfortable making them realize that school is an extension of their home.

Table Manners

Teaching a child good table manners is a valuable skill which benefit them throughout their life. We at “Little Hearts” ensure that from an early age, our children are taught the right way of eating meals and the appropriate use of crockery and cutlery.

Pet Day Activity

Pet day activity is an interesting opportunity to get to see some pets like rabbits, fishes, puppies, birds, tortoise, etc. They will be brought in school and will be shown to them.

Sprouts Party

Sprouts party will be organized which will help them inculcate good and healthy eating habits. They will be shown the entire process of germination. it will be held in school and children will carry ingredients as told to them. It will be followed once a week where children are required to get sprouts in any form in their tiffin which helps children to follow a healthy eating habit.

Milk Product Session

To make children aware of their health and nutritious diet, children will be served milk and their products to make them strong and more efficient.

Fruit Party

Fruit part is an exciting way to make children learn about fruits and their advantages. This activity will take place in the classroom where each child will relish and enjoy a bowl full of fruits.

Treasure Hunt

The day full of play to find hidden objects and sweets which would be like a treasure to them. This activity will help the children to develop their fine motor skills while they will be engrossed in it.

Rain Dance Party

The rain dance activity for the little ones is to keep the spirits high. For this children need to carry their bathing suits, straw hats, etc. to school. In this the children will enjoy a lot on foot tapping music.